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Teacher's Discount

Educators receive $10 off their purchase of Crossword Weaver. To find out how, fill out the form below to verify that you are an educator. Then click the submit button. You will then be told how to get your discount.

Who qualifies for the discount? Any educator. That includes K-12, college, home-schooling, religious teachers, substitute teachers, etc. Note, some of these questions may not apply to you. That is ok. Just fill in what is applicable.

Yes I am an educator.

Name of the school you teach at

Grade you teach

Subjects you teach

Where you would expect to see advertisements for Crossword Weaver

Catalogs you would expect to find Crossword Weaver in

Products you find would be useful to educators:

Crossword Puzzle Software

Word Search creation software

Crostic Software

Would you be more interested in on-line puzzle creation software or software that is on your computer?

On-line On my computer Both

Does your school have access to the Internet? Yes No

Do you allow your students to use the Internet at school? Yes No


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